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Udita Goswami

Udita Goswami is an Indian model and actress. She is from the Garhwal state of Uttarakhand.

The green-eyed, 5'8" actress started her career in modeling, then made her jump into the Bollywood industry. She modeled for PepsiCo, Titan Watch and Nokia among other companies.

Her first film was Paap directed by Pooja Bhatt. Her next film Zeher, which also starred Emraan Hashmi and Shamita Shetty, was her breakthrough role and she became a well known face in the industry. Her role was that of a femme fatale. The film was controversial as it included some ...
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Mohit Suri will marry Udita, if Crook is a success
Director Mohit Suri has been dating actress Udita Goswami for some years now. The couple has had its ups and downs. But the duo has been together long enough to be sure that they want to spend their life together. Mohit ...
Mohit Suri Marry Udita Crooksuccess
Chase Lyricist Miffed Makers
Chase lyricist miffed with its makers
Chase has released and if the ongoing tussle between director Jagmohan Mundhra and producer Anuuj Saxena wasn't enough, there is more addition to the drama. One of the lyricists in the film, Prashant Vasl, is miffed with the makers since his ...
Chase has plenty of skidding wheels
Let the chase begin. The opening chase which lasts approximately ten minutes is among the best slickness-on-skids situation styled for a Hindi film. And full marks to the people behind it. But soon after this pulse-racing start our hero, who also ...
Chase Plenty Skidding Wheels
Udita Goswami Interview
I play an under cover cop in Chase - Udita Goswami
On the eve of the release of her latest film Chase, Udita Goswami tells this correspondent that her minus point as an actress is that she is not offered a lot of typical roles which only a Vidya Balan or a ...
Chase - Review
A Dhoom clicks and you suddenly spot Hayabusas speeding away in every third Hindi movie. A RACE clicks and everyone wants to attempt a thriller, with twists-n-turns aplenty. Chase is no DHOOM, nor is it Race either, but there's a feeling ...
Chase Movie Review
Chase Movie Preview
Chase - Preview
Chase is an edge of the seat thriller, involving raw action and drama. The main players in this chase to get to the "truth" are Sohail Ansari, a man on the run. DIG Ranveer Tyagi who has vested interest in getting ...
Anuuj and Tarina share good chemistry
TV hottie Anuuj Saxena, with his company Maverick Productions, is all set with his own production, Chase. The film stars the likes of Anuuj Saxena, Udita Goswami and Tarina Patel. Chase is an action thriller and has an interesting storyline. Anuuj ...
Anuuj Tarina Good Chemistry Chase
Aditya Raj Kapoor Chase
Aditya Raj Kapoor is back on track
Shammi Kapoor is the one actor whose dancing skills are still applauded, acknowledged, copied and respected not only in India but also in every corner of the world where Hindi films are seen. His unqiue dancing style made him noticeable in ...
Rokkk- Review
Horror films made in India follow standard rules and guidelines. Every possible ingredient that viewers have witnessed since the Ramsay era automatically finds its way into horror films even today. Rokkk too borrows everything available on the shelf.Rokkk hinges on a ...
Rokkk Movie Review
Udita Macho Woman Chase
Udita Goswami in macho-woman avatar
Sizzling hot actress Udita Goswami looked far more stunning as Anuj’s leading lady in the film Chase, as she has put on the macho-woman avatar. She has done some really engaging hand-to-hand stunts in the film.When asked about the preparation behind ...
Fox Review
Making a suspense thriller is tough. To keep the audience attentive, besides keeping the viewer guessing till the end, requires complete understanding of the craft. Deepak Tijori had attempted a suspense thriller earlier [most storytellers have a penchant for this ...
Fox Review
Udita Fox Zombie
When Udita Gosawami felt like a zombie
Last week of May was quite eventful for Udita Goswami. Apart from shooting non-stop for the final schedule of Deepak Tijori directed Fox in a gruelling week, she was also required to make back to back appearances in cities ...
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