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Bigg Boss Participants Busy In Sandalwood
Kannada Bigg Boss, the famous reality show, has become a boon for few participants. The show was hosted by Abhinaya Chakravarthi Kiccha Sudeep. It is reported that few contestants of Bigg Boss have been flooded with number of opportunities in Sandalwood. ...
Bigg Boss Participants Busy Schedule In Sandalwood

Bigg Boss Kannada Inmates Party Chandrika
Bigg Boss Kannada Inmates Party Sans Chandrika!
It was a perfect way for all the contestants to forget the bitter memories and recall the golden moments of their life time, which they had at the Bigg Boss Kannada house. The inmates, who participated in the first season of ...
Bigg Boss Kannada: Quarrels of Contestants
Bigg Boss Kannada had a grand fitting end to the first season of the show on Sunday. After being locked inside the house for 98 days, Vijay Raghavendra beat Arun Sagar in the last lap to win the trophy and Rs ...
Bigg Boss Kannada Quarrels Contestants
Sanjjanna Thilak Ganda Hendathi Siblings
Sanjjanna-Thilak: Ganda Hendathi then, siblings now!
Sanjjanna and Thilak are one of the popular on-screen jodis of Kannada film industry. Thanks to their intimacy scenes in the movie Ganda Hendathi way back in 2006 which made them the hottest couple of Sandalwood. However, the actors have moved ...
Thilak-Shweta Pandit's sparkling chemistry again
Thilak was linked up with Sanjjanna when their debut movie Gandha Hendathi was released. Their intimate and dare bark scenes have made people to spread rumours about them. However, as years passed, those reports turned false and the actor was not ...
Thilak Shweta Bigg Boss Kannada
Bigg Boss Day 39 Highlights
Bigg Boss: Day 39 Highlights
Yet another task in the Bigg Boss has come to a successful end. The contestants took part in the election task for two days and of three parties (Apple, Bigg Boss and Broomstick Parties) Apple party lead by Anushree won the ...
Bigg Boss becomes battle ground of politics
The present election heat, which was limited to Karnataka, has now reached Pune! Well, the Bigg Boss house is now a battle ground of two parties led by Nurse Jayalakshmi and new entrant Rohan Gowda. The Bigg Boss has come ...
Bigg Boss Kannada Politics
Bigg Boss Day 35 36 Highlights
Bigg Boss: Day 35-36 Highlights
In what could be a surprising move, the Bigg Boss has nominated all the inmates of the house for the forthcoming elimination. While Nurse Jayalakshmi and Aparna got maximum votes from the contestants, the boss chose a different route as nobody ...
Bigg Boss: Vinayak Joshi discharged from mental asylum
Bigg Boss house turned into a mental asylum last week. The inmates were divided into two teams - doctors and patients. While Vijay Raghavedra, Vinayak Joshi, Aparna, Nurse Jayalakshmi and Thilak belonged to the first category; Chandrika, Narendra Babu Sharma, Ansuhree, ...
Bigg Boss Day Vinayak Joshi Mental
Bigg Boss Day 32 Highlights
Bigg Boss: Day 32 Highlights
The overnight mental drama continued on the day 31 at Bigg Boss house. The boss made the show more entertaining by organising a special program and by asking inmates to do hilarious acts. For performing with full energy, the boss ...
Bigg Boss: Day 31 Highlights
The madness from the day 30 continued on the 31st day too at the Bigg Boss house. The funny acts of inmates entertained and made audience to stay tuned to the show on Wednesday (April 24). Indeed, the house was mental ...
Bigg Boss Day 31 Highlights
Bigg Boss Day 30 Highlights
Bigg Boss: Day 30 Highlights
Bigg Boss House Turns Mental AsylumThere has been happiness, sadness, fun and fight at the Bigg Boss house. But the element of craziness was missing in the house. To add this factor, the Boss made the house a mental asylum. Well, ...
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