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Subhash K Jha

Subhash K Jha speaks about Tees Maar Khan
You have to hand it to Farah Khan. The zany spirit never leaves her side. Tees Maar Khan (TMK) is a goofy oddball of a film, replete with the most outrageous takeoffs on the dreaded Hindi Film 'formula' seen in recent ...
Tees Maar Khan Subhash Critical Evaluation

Rakta Charitra 2 Critical Evaluation
Rakta Charitra 2: Critical evaluation
In this sequel to Ram Gopal Varma's month-old film about gang wars during the time of politics and elections we get to see for the first time in a Hindi film Surya, an actor of searing intensity and devastating emotional velocity. ...
Subhash talks about Action Replayy
It is the season to be jolly. And boy oh boy, if it’s a festive fiesta of flamboyant filminess that you’re looking for, then Action Replayy is your one-stop masti mela. It’s is a feisty feast, as splashy in colour and ...
Action Replayy Masti Mela
Golmaal 3 Critical Evaluation
Golmaal 3: Critical evaluation
It's like those annual visits to your favourite hill-station. Even if global warming has played havoc with the original tranquil beauty and climate of the resort, you continue to visit the place. For old time's sake.Golmaal is now three films old. ...
Subhash K Jha reveals true colour of Aakrosh
It is a really heart-warming coincidence that in the week when Ketan Mehta has released his animation version of the Ramayan, Priyadarshan has carved out space for a slice from Ketan's Mirch Masala in his tense taut but frequently flawed film ...
Aakrosh Subhash Honour Killing
Knock Out Critical Evaluation
Knock Out: Critical evaluation by Subhash K Jha
Phone Booth be damned. Knock Out goes into places that the supposed source of inspiration can't even dream about. Forget what you've heard. Forget the flak and fury about copyrights. Go see Knock Out for the engaging edge-of-the-seat treatment that writer-director ...
Subhash K Jha reveals true colour of Crook
Damn! Why didn't we think of sending the amazing super-hero Emraan Hashmi to Australia before? Emraan Saab's solution to global malevolence, as provided in this disappointing mishmash of masala and headlines, is simple enough.It's good to be bad. So says the ...
Crook Subhash K Jha
Do Dooni Chaar Critical Evaluation
Do Dooni Chaar: Critical evaluation
In a season of overblown action-comedies with superstars laying down the ground-rules for dynamic dada-giri on the large screen, it is refreshing and comforting to see an aging world-weary working-class hero who travels to work on a rickety scooter and tries ...
Khichdi the movie - The Movie: Crititical evaluation
Khichdi - The Movie is no different in spirit, cast, gags and skits from Khichdi - The Serial. The cast is the same. And that's a blessing. The enormously talented Gujarati actors are irreplaceable in their proclivity to convey irreverent brain ...
Khichdi The Movie Critical Evaluation
Subhash Rajinikanth Robot
Critical evaluation of Rajinikanth's Robot
At the cataclysmic climax point of this film hundreds of Rajinikanth clones (in custom-made wigs with scowls and grimaces to match) fill up the sumptuous screen space...One Rajini each for every member of the audience to take home?Bhai, hum aapke hain ...
Subhash K. Jha's take on Anjaana Anjaani
Dammit! It's that man-woman thing again. This time the rom-com goes in to so many directions; you wonder what happened to those good old films where Boy Met Girl...and they lived happily ever laughter.Laughter, there's plenty of it in Anjaana Anjaani. ...
Anjaana Anjaani Subhash
Subhash For Real
Subhash K Jha reveals the true colour of For Real
And quietly slips the night into a tortured morning. While watching the muffled muted voices looking for a way to express themselves in the well-ordered sparkling-clean environment of an upper middle class household in Delhi in For Real, we often feel ...
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