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Ratan Rajput

Bigg Boss 7: Ratan Rajput Gets Eliminated Today!
Bigg Boss 7 fourth week elimination will see Ratan Rajput getting out of the house. Ratan's journey in Bigg Boss will finally come to an end today. Hmm... Seems like public and Bigg Boss have been loyal in evicting all the ...
Bigg Boss 7 Ratan Rajput Gets Eliminated Salman Khan
Bigg Boss 7 Ratan Rajput Made To Bathe In Dung
Bigg Boss 7: Ratan Rajput Made To Bathe In Dung!
Bigg Boss 7 contestant Ratan Rajput is made to bath in a tub filled with cow dung. Seems like desperate times calling for desperate measures, for the show or for Ratan? The latest task in the Bigg Boss house is ...
Ratan Rajput Soul Mate Abhinav Sharma 040711 Aid
Ratan Rajput finds soul mate in Abhinav Sharma
Television actress Ratan Rajput, who was in search of a perfect match for her on the show, Swayamvar 3- Ratan Ka Rishta (Imagine TV), has finally found her soul mate in Abhinav Sharma. The couple however, have decided to get engaged ...
Mona-Supriya to perform at Ratan's mehndi
Television actresses Mona Singh and Supriya Pilgaonkar will be seen shaking their legs on bride-to-be Ratan Rajput's mehendi ceremony on 'Ratan Ka Rishta', Imagine TV. Other ladies including Neha Marda, Sneha Wagh and Supriya Kumari will join them during the dance ...
Mona Supriya Perform Ratan Mehandi 290611 Aid
Ratan Rajput Taking Rakhi Sawant Way 280611 Aid
Ratan Rajput taking it Rakhi Sawant way?
Ratan Ka Rishta is nearing its end on Imagine TV. The only thing that is awaited is the decision of the bride Ratan Rajput. So will it be an instant marriage just after the show gets over, or will the actress ...
Dolly Bindra's belly dancing on Ratan Ka Rishta
Wondering where actress Dolly Bindra was lost? Well, here's the news, the big mouth of the television world was busy learning belly dancing for Ratan Rajput's mehndi ceremony on 'Ratan Ka Rishta'. The actress had requested the channel (Imagine TV) to ...
Dolly Bindra Belly Dancing Ratan Ka Rishta 250611 Aid
Ratan Rajput Mehendi Ceremony Imagine Tv 240611 Aid
Ratan Rajput's mehendi ceremony on Imagine TV
Ratan Ka Rishta on Imagine TV is about to reach its climax and thus the preparations for the wedding related ceremonies have started in full swing. The Mehndi and Sangeet function of this favourite 'Betiya' of television is all rocking the ...
Ratan Ka Rishta fails to garner TRPs
The current Swayamvar that is running on Imagine TV, with Ratan Rajput looking for a groom on national television, has failed to surpass the ratings of the last seasons of the show. The first episode of the first season of 'Rakhi ...
Ratan Ka Rishta Fails Garner Trps 020611 Aid
Dolly Bindra Sister Ratan Ka Rishta 310511 Aid
Dolly Bindra turns sister on Ratan Ka Rishta
Actress Dolly Bindra, the lady who will always be remembered in the history of television reality shows, will now be seen in the upcoming Swayamvar on Imagine TV, 'Ratan Ka Rishta'. Dolly, after Bigg Boss 4 will be seen on 'Ratan ...
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