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Rangrasiya 30th July Shantanu Comes Back For Revenge
Rangrasiya: Shantanu Comes Back For Revenge! (30th july)
Rangrasiya 30th July written episode: The Ranawat house becomes busy with the celebration of Parvati’s pregnancy. Mohini tells Sumer that his wife should give birth to a boy, otherwise Rudra’s child will capture the property in future.Sumer changes his ...
Rangrasiya: 25th July; Shantanu Arrested; Parvati Pregnant
Rangrasiya 25th July written episode: Paro becomes extremely scared knowing the truth of Shantanu. She searches for Rudra, but finds him nowhere in the house. When she comes to the function hall, Shantanu notices her frightened face and doubts her.She ...
Rangrasiya 25th July Shantanu Arrested Parvati Pregnant
Rangrasiya 24th July Shantanus Truth Revealed To Paro
Rangrasiya: 24th July; Shantanu’s Truth Revealed To Paro
Rangrasiya 24th July written episode: When it is found that both Shantanu and Suneheri are missing and Monihi’s ornaments are missing too, Paro becomes sure that Suneheri has eloped with Shantanu. She tells Rudra about their love affair. Rudra scolds ...
Rangrasiya 22nd July Parvati Starts Doubting Shantanu
Rangrasiya: 22nd July; Parvati Starts Doubting Shantanu
Rangrasiya 22nd July written episode: Rudra and Paro overcome the bullet trauma. Theycome to a hut and spend a romantic night. Rudra gifts Paro a saree of her favourite colour. He wears the red waist coat with mirror work, which ...
Rangrasiya: 17th July; Sumer Gets Married In Place Of Samrat!
Rangrasiya 17th July written episode: Paro comes to know about the incident of Samrat from Maithili. Shantanu overhears their discussion and thinks that it would be a good opportunity to earn the trust of the Ranawat family.Paro insists on complaining ...
Rangrasiya 17th July Sumer Gets Married In Place Of Samrat 154478
Rangrasiya 16th July Samrat Is Kidnapped For Marriage
Rangrasiya: 16th July; Samrat Is Kidnapped For Marriage!
Rangrasiya 16th July written episode: As soon as light goes off, Rudra quickly comes out of the room. He sees the shadow of Shantanu, but fails to identify him. Shantanu enters the bedroom of Rudra and finds that Paro’s eyes ...
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