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Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne Warns Youngsters Against Drugs
'You don't need alcohol and drugs to have fun' says Singer Ozzy Osbourne. Following the death of actor Cory Monteith, Osbourne warned youngsters against drugs. Monteith died because of an overdose of a mix of heroin and alcohol and was found ...
Ozzy Osbourne Toungsters Drugs Cory Monteith

Ozzy Osbourne Legend Award 130411 Aid
Ozzy Osbourne to be honoured with Legend Award
Ozzy Osbourne will be honoured with Kerrang Awards at a ceremony to be held on June 9. The former Black Sabbath singer will be receiving the rock magazine's Legend Award. The Kerrang Awards, voted for by readers, will be hosted by ...
Ozzy Osbourne advises Lady Gaga to take a break
Melbourne (ANI): Ozzy Osbourne says pop singer Lady Gaga should take a break because he is getting a bit tired of the superstar. The 62-year-old rocker, who writes an advice column for Rolling Stone magazine, said the Poker Face singer is ...
Ozzy Osbourne Advise Lady Gaga Break
Ozzy Osbourne Give Upsex Until Dead
Ozzy Osbourne says he won't give up sex until death
Washington (ANI): Rocker Ozzy Osbourne has confessed that he will give up sex only when he's dead. The 61-year-old - who is married to 'America's Got Talent' star Sharon Osbourne - said he thinks about sex constantly and it is still ...
Ozzy Osbourne predicted Princess Diana’s death
Washington (ANI): Ozzy Osbourne is evidently not just a rocker, but a psychic too. The Black Sabbath star insists he predicted Princess Diana's death weeks before her tragic crash in France. Osbourne claims he had an uneasy feeling before the British ...
Ozzy Predicted Diana Death
Kelly Sharon Audition
Kelly Osbourne in the shoes of her mum!
London, (ANI): Kelly Osbourne has revealed that she will audition to play the role of her mum Sharon – for the film based on her dad’s life. She even dismissed claims that Colin Farrell will play her dad Ozzy in the ...
I’m a hypochondriac: Ozzy Osbourne
Melbourne (ANI): English singer Ozzy Osbourne had said that he is a hypochondriac and is always paranoid he is going to get ill. The lead vocalist of heavy metal band Black Sabbath tries to prevent himself from getting sick by exercising ...
Ozzy Osbourne Hypochondriac
Osbourne English Actor Biopic
Ozzy Osbourne wants English star to play him in biopic
London (ANI): Putting all speculations to rest, Black Sabbath lead singer Ozzy Osbourne has said that he wants an English actor, instead of Johnny Depp, to play him in his biopic. It was rumoured that American heartthrob Depp will play him ...
Rocker Ronnie James Dio passes away
London, (ANI): American heavy rock singer Ronnie James Dio has passed away at the age of 67.Dio, who replaced Ozzy Osbourne in Black Sabbath, had been suffering from stomach cancer, reports the BBC. His wife Wendy said her husband had passed ...
Ronnie Passed Away
Kelly Drug Addict
Kelly prefer to be drug addict
New York (ANI): Ozzy Osbourne’s daughter Kelly says it’s a much better life to live as a drug addict than be fat. "I took more hell for being fat than I did for being an absolute raging drug addict. I will ...
TV talent shows are like ice cream, says Ozzy Osbourne
London (ANI): Singer Ozzy Osbourne says TV talent hunt shows produce stars “like ice cream”. The ex-Black Sabbath rockstar, 61, whose Sharon, 57, was on the judges panel of the hugely popular show The X Factor, believes today’s “star...
Talent Shows Ozzy Obourne
Ozzy Osbourne Hate Christmas
Ozzy Osbourne declares ''I hate Christmas''
New York (ANI): Rocker Ozzy Osbourne has declared he hates Christmas. "I hate Christmas," The New York Daily News quoted him, as saying. "When I used to drink, it was a good excuse to get drunk for two weeks. Now I ...
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