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Mysterious Girl

Katie Price bans ex Peter Andre from visiting stepson
London (ANI): Former glamour model Katie Price a.k.a. Jordan has banned her ex-husband Peter Andre from meeting her disabled son Harvey until he hires a well trained nanny to take care of him. The ‘Mysterious Girl’ hitmaker does not have a ...
Jordan Bans Andre Stepson

Peter Andre Warns Fans Fake Facebook
Peter Andre warns fans of 'fake Facebook Peter Andre'
London, (ANI): Peter Andre has warned his fans on Facebook of a man who is posing as him in order to seduce women. The Mysterious Girl singer was shocked to know of the incident.“I’m not sure if you read about this, ...
Katie Price still not over Peter Andre
London (ANI): Katie Price a.k.a Jordan hasn't been able to get over her ex-husband/singer Peter Andre, it has emerged. Apparently, the reality star, who is set to remarry cage-fighter/husband Alex Reid, browses through the pics of her wedding with the 'Mysterious ...
Katie Not Over Andre
Jordan Fumes Rumors Andre Katona
Jordan ‘fumes as Peter Andre bonds with Kerry Katona
London, (ANI): Katie Price a.k.a Jordan is apparently furious after rumours emerged that Kerry Katona and Peter Andre spent two secret nights together. The glamour model is fuming that her old pal is now cosying up to her ex-husband.  She fears ...
Peter says he’s not in love with Price
London (ANI): Peter Andre has denied claims that he still has feelings for his ex-wife Katie Price a.k.a Jordan. The ‘Mysterious Girl’ singer’s stylist Maddy Ford, who had a brief fling with him, claimed that Peter still loves Katie. However, ...
Peter Loves Price
Peter Andre Girlfriend Christmas
Peter Andre desires a new girlfriend this Christmas
London (ANI): Peter Andre has revealed that he wants a new girlfriend this Christmas. The ‘Mysterious Girl’ singer said that she has to be “elegant and classy” but insists would not consider marriage or more kids yet because of the t...
Peter Andre sets 'sex date'
London (ANI): Singer Peter Andre, who had vowed to remain celibate after his marriage with Katie Price collapsed, is planning to start having sex the day after his divorce gets finalized, sources say."Pete has gone five months without any sex whatsoever. ...
Peter Andre Sets Sexdate
Jordan Andre Marriage Dissolve
Jordan, Andre's marriage dissolved in 42 seconds
Washington (ANI): Katie Price and Peter Andre had a rather quick divorce after the judge ended their marriage in just 42 seconds. Both of them were not present at London's High Court when Judge Hilary Bradley declared their union decree nisi ...
Peter Andre slams Jordan’s Mysterious Girl claims
London (ANI): Aussie singer Peter Andre has laughed off reports that he has a new girl in his life, insisting that he feels like a virgin. The 36-year-old singer’s statement came after his estranged wife Kate Price, a.k.a. Jordan, went on ...
Peter Price Mysterious Girl
Jordan Accuses Peter
Jordan claims Peter Andre dating Mysterious Girl
London, (ANI): Katie Price a.k.a Jordan has alleged that estranged hubby Peter Andre is secretly dating.he Sun quoted her as saying in a TV show: "It hasn't come out yet - and I just hope he's happy." ...
Peter Andre's Behind Closed Doors inspired by Jordan
Washington, (ANI): Peter Andre has confessed that his latest song ''Behind Closed Doors'' has been inspired by his relationship with his estranged wife Katie Price, with whom he parted ways in May. The “Mysterious Girl” singer split from Katie, aka Jord...
Andre Jordan Behind Closed Doors
Jordan Andre Hypocrite
Jordan brands Peter Andre a ‘hypocrite’
Washington (ANI): Katie Price a.k.a Jordan has reportedly branded her estranged husband Peter Andre a hypocrite. The glamour model was said to be ‘incandescent’ over his reaction to her TV confession about miscarriage, reports the Mirror.The ‘...
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