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Mona Wasu

Maazii Movie Review
Maazii Movie Review: Shocking Surprise Of The Season
Sneak PeakMaazii, which means the past, shows extraordinarily talented actor Pankaj Tripathi narrating to a dumbfounded cop his adventures at a home that the chronic criminal has just robbed. The disconcerting prelude of this probing piercing pulsating study of cri...
Who let the junglees out!
The celebrities on Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao finally got a day in the sun, as they visited a nearby tribal village. The four celebs left in the jungle– Akash, Anaida, Chetan and Mona were very excited at the opportunity of ...
Junglees Out
Kashmira Shah Interview
Kashmira can't tolerate co-campers of Iss Jungle!
After killing everyone’s happiness in Malaysian jungle, our lovable trouble-baby- Kashmira is happily back in the town. She is glad to break the pretentious happy jungle family, and shares her view on the jungle and its junglees with us.What was the ...
Mona stinks like a buffalo on Iss Jungle
Nine celebrities, ghana jungle aur ek loo! The other day Chetan Hansraj desperately wanted to use the loo, but it was engaged by Mona Wasu. He said "Ohh... I wouldn’t want to use it after Mona". It's all happening in Iss ...
Mona Vasu Stinks
Mona Hair Trouble
Mona Vasu's hair trouble in the jungle!
Celebrities on Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao have had their own reasons for getting frustrated… food, clothing, shelter and all… but if you thought the sweet faced Mona was not cribbing…. Think again! Her only concern on the show since the ...
Marc makes Mona cry in Iss Jungle
Elimination on Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao is not easy. When the camp had to make a decision of who should be kept back from the 3 lowest voted contestants- Aman, Palak and Chetan, true loyalties came to the forefront. While ...
Marc Mona Cry
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