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Mahesh Bhatt

Mahesh Bhatt (born on 20 September 1948), is a prominent Indian film director, producer and screenwriter. He was born to Nanabhai Bhatt, (1915–1999), a Hindi film director-producer and a Shia Muslim woman. His parents separated when he was young and was raised by his mother. He went through various phases of beliefs, including following Osho and U.G. Krishnamurti.

He married Kiran Bhatt, in 1970, and the couple had two children, a daughter Pooja Bhatt, a former actress, now a producer, and Rahul Bhatt, an aspiring actor. His second wife is Soni Razdan, a film actr...
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My Father Doesn't Want Me To Get Married: Alia Bhatt
It is said every father dreams about arranging his daughter's marriage some day, but the saying does not hold good for actress Alia Bhatt's father, Mahesh Bhatt who doesn't want his daughters to get married. In an exclusive interview, 2 ...
My Father Doesnt Want Me To Get Married Alia Bhatt
Alia Bhatt Reveals The Dark Side Of Her Childhood
Alia Bhatt Reveals The Dark Side Of Her Childhood!
Actress Alia Bhatt who otherwise looks so contented and easy-going did not have a very smooth childhood and the reason she attributes is her father's double marriage. Sweet and bubbly Alia who will soon be seen pairing with Arjun Kapoor ...
Shocking: The Verified FB Page Of Alia Bhatt Was Fake
Be prepared to be shocked! Alia Bhatt, who has become the apple of Bollywood's eye after her career defining Highway, doesn't have an official Facebook page. Alia tweeted that she does have a official FB page and that all the existing ...
Shocking The Verified Fb Page Of Alia Bhatt Was Fake
Alia's Achievement More Laudable Than Mine: Shabana Azmi
After daddy Mahesh Bhatt compared Alia's performance in Highway with that of Shabana Azmi's career-defining work in Arth, the legendary actress came up with even more congratulating words for shinning Alia Bhatt. According to Shabana, Alia has achieved the same ...
Shabana Considers Alia As True Inheritor Of Her Talent
What Mahesh Bhatt Did Not Know About Alia Bhatt Sing Highway
What Mahesh Bhatt Did Not Know About Beti Alia Bhatt!
Filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt is pleasantly surprised, and the reason is his little daughter Alia Bhatt. Bhatt was surprised to hear Alia sing in the film Highway and said that he never knew that she could sing so well!Alia Bhatt doesn't have ...
Mahesh Bhatt Showers Praise On His Daughter, Alia Bhatt
Mahesh Bhatt can't just stop tweeting and praising about his beloved daughter, Alia Bhatt. Mahesh Bhatt, apparently, was one of the special guests at Highway special screening which took place yesterday. After watching the film, director Bhatt showered praise for ...
Mahesh Bhatt Showers Praise On His Daughter Alia Bhatt
When Anupam Kher Called Maesh Bhatt A Fraud Saaransh
When Anupam Kher Called Mahesh Bhatt A Fraud!
Reminiscing about his career best film Saaransh, Anupam Kher said that when he got to know that the filmmakers were planning to rope in Sanjeev Kumar for his role, he blasted Mahesh Bhatt and called him a fraud! Saaransh (1985), ...
Yes, My Daughter Alia Bhatt Is German: Mahesh Bhatt
Director Mahesh Bhatt, father of latest B town sensation Alia Bhatt, claims that Alia Bhatt is German. It seems director Bhatt chose the right time to expose the German connection of his daughter Alia Bhatt. Recently, Alia Bhatt's upcoming ...
Alia Bhatt Is German Mahesh Bhatt Tweets
Why Mahesh Bhatt Hates Aamir Khan
Why Mahesh Bhatt Hates Aamir Khan
Bollywood Industry calls Aamir Khan by the name of Mr Perfectionist. There is a solid reason behind it. Aamir was obviously a game changer for the industry from the beginning of his career. He didn't choose a traditional film to ...
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