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Jaggesh is an Indian actor in the Kannada film industry, known for the comedy roles he portrays in his movies. He has acted in movies such asSuper Nan Maga and Tharle Nan Maga. Jaggesh has a big fan following and is popularly referred to by his fans as Navarasa Nayaka.

Jaggesh is a versatile comedy actor in the Kannada film industry, known best for his unique dialogue delivery and his mannerisms. He uses, among other varieties of humor, scatological humor. Most of his movies are laugh riot.

He started his career in the movie industry in the early 80's by playing minor r...

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Jaggesh Clears His Stand On Bigg Boss
Actor turned politician Jaggesh, whose name was heard in the list of expected contestants to be the part of Bigg Boss Kannada 2, has cleared his stand on TV reality shows. The actor has said that he doesn't like to make his ...
Jaggesh Clears His Stand On Bigg Boss Kannada 2
Jaggesh Wages Twitter War On Ramya Fans Neer Dose
This Time Jaggesh Wages Twitter War On Ramya's Fans
Seems like actor turned politician Jaggesh is happy for his earlier words coming true. The actor, who had earlier waged the Twitter war on Sandalwood Queen Ramya for ditching the shooting of Kannada film Neer Dose, has now again targeted the ...
Jaggesh To Wear Director's Hat Again
Actor turned politician Jaggesh, who is currently busy with the shooting of Vaastuprakara and Software Ganda is all set to wear director's hat again after two years. The actor, who made directorial debut for his son with the movie Guru in ...
Jaggesh To Director Rockline Venkatesh Script
Jaggesh Blames Ramya Neer Dose Controversy
Jaggesh Slams Ramya For Neer Dose's Incompletion!
Seems like the controversy behind Sandalwood's forthcoming movie Neer Dose will never end. In early of November 2013, lead actor Jaggesh had wagged the Twitter war with the movie's female lead Sandalwood Queen Ramya for refusing to complete the project. ...
Yogaraj Bhat-Rakshith Shetty's Vaastuprakara Kick Started
Vaastuprakara, which is the first combination of Sandalwood's ace director Yogaraj Bhat and Rakshith Shetty, has started its shooting on the auspicious day of Akshaya Thritiya festival, May 2, Friday. The movie, which will be produced under Yogaraj Bhat's home ...
Yogaraj Bhat Rakshith Shetty Vaastuprakara Movie Launch
Jaggesh Son Gururaj Ties Knot Marriage Netheralands Wedding
Jaggesh's Son Gururaj Ties Knot
Gururaj Jaggesh, elder son of Sandalwood's ace actor turned politician Jaggesh, has tied knot with his girlfriend Katie Pyle in Netherlands, today, April 24, 2014. Gururaj was dating Katie Pyle, a researcher, who is based out of Netherlands. It is reported ...
Rachita Ram Replaces Amoolya In Yogaraj Bhat's Vaastuprakara
Golden Queen Amoolya, who was all set to play the female lead of Sandalwood's ace director Yogaraj Bhat's comeback movie Vaastuprakara, has been replaced by Dimple Queen Rachita Ram. The latest buzz from Gandhinagara has confirmed the news of Rachita playing ...
Rachita Ram Replaces Amoolya Yogaraj Bhat Vaastuprakara
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