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Jagathy Sreekumar

Jagathy Sreekumar is an Indian film actor (malayalam) born on 5 January 1951 at Jagathy, Thiruvananthapuram. His original name is Sreekumar Achary. He is the son of Malayalam dramatist and writer N. K. Achary (1917–1992) (also fondly known as Jagathy). N. K. Achary was an All India Radio employee. He has performed in more than 1000 films. He has also directed two films and has written screenplays for two films.

Jagathy first got the opportunity to act in a play when he was a Class V student at Model School in Thiruvananthapuram...
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Jagathy Sreekumar Leaves Hospital, Back Home
Jagathy Sreekumar, who was recently admitted to the hospital after falling from his wheel chair, has been discharged from the hospital and is back home. He fell down from his wheel chair while attempting to get up on the Christmas day. ...
Jagathy Sreekumar Leaves Hospital Back Home
Malayalam Actor Jagathy Sreekumar Gets Head Injury
Jagathy Sreekumar Gets Injured!
Malayalam actor Jagathy Sreekumar, who is keeping away from the industry after an accident, has fallen down from his wheel chair, getting a head injury. He was immediately admitted at the hospital, after which the doctors examined him and confirmed the ...
Jagathy Sreekumar's Son Speaks On His Comeback
News were in air which claimed that actor Jagathy Sreekumar, who is keeping away from the industry after his accident, is all set to make his comeback in the industry. But, his son has come forward slamming all the reports. ...
Jagathy Sreekumar Son Speaks On His Comeback
Jagathy Sreekumar To Visit Geetanjali Location
Jagathy To Visit Geetanjali Location
Actor Jagathy Sreekumar is back again to a shooting location. Now don't get excited thinking he is back into the industry. Jagathy Sreekumar will just be a normal visitor on the sets of Geetanjali. And guess what, Mohanlal has taken up ...
Photos: CM Oommen Chandy meets Jagathy Sreekumar
Oommen Chandy, the Chief Minster of Kerala, recently found some time out of busy political schedule to meet Malayalam comedian Jagathy Sreekumar, who has been restricted to a wheelchair after surviving a near fatal accident a year ago. Along with his ...
Cm Oommen Chandy Meet Jagathy Sreekumar Photos
Jagathy Sreekumar After Accident Media Pictures
Jagathy Sreekumar faces the media after accident - Pictures
Thiruvananthapuram: Comedian Jagathy Sreekumar, after surviving a near fatal accident, returned to face the camera after almost a years gap. He met press photographers and cameramen from TV channels on Monday. The meeting, organised by his family was meant ...
Jagathy Sreekumar P Bhaskaran Award
Jagathy Sreekumar gets P Bhasakaran award
Thiruvananthapuram: Jagathy Sreekumar, who has played a variety of roles in over 1,000 films in his four decade-long career, has been chosen for the P Bhaskaran award for all-round contribution to cinema. The award instituted by P Bhaskaran Foundation in memory ...
Jagathy Sreekumar finally speaks!
Jagathy Sreekumar, who is undergoing treatment at Vellore Hospital recently spelled his name 'Jagathy' much to the surprise and joy of his family members and loved ones. Jagathy Sreekumar, who was gravely injured after he met with an accident at ...
Jagathy Sreekumar Speaks Atlast
Jagathy Sreekumar Recognise College Friends Accident
Jagathy Sreekumar recognises college friends
Jagathy Sreekumar, who was gravely injured after he met with an accident at nearby Tenhipalam on March 10, was able to recognise his college mates. It was earlier reported that Jagathy Sreekumar, who is now being treated at CMC Vellore, ...
Jagathy Sreekumar unable to identify people
One of the most loved actors of Mollywood, Jagathy Sreekumar, who was gravely injured after he met with an accident at nearby Tenhipalam on March 10 is still unable to identify his friends and relatives as his brain is still not ...
Jagathy Sreekumar Unable Identify People
Jagathy Sreekumar Recuperating
Jagathy Sreekumar is slowly recuperating
Jagathy Sreekumar, who met with an accident on March 10, is now slowly recuperating at CMC Vellore hospital.The condition of Jagathy Sreekumar, who recently shifted from Malabar Institute of Medical Sciences Hospital, Calicut to CMC Vellore, has improved a little.Though th...
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