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Its A Wonderful Afterlife

Its a Wonderful Afterlife is comedy film centered on an Indian mother who takes her obsession with marriage into the world of serial murder.

It is a comical fairy-tale look at the life and times of a Punjabi mother-daughter duo in West London. Billed as an A Big Fat Greek Wedding-meets-Shaun of the Dead, the narrative of the feature is sprinkled with a generous dose of the idiosyncrasies of a loud North-Indian family in the heart of the stiff British upper-lip city. A rip-roaring delight, this one's a Queen's delight with a Punjabi flavour!
It's a Wonderful Afterlife - Review
It set me thinking as reel after reel of Gurinder Chadha's It's A Wonderful Afterlife unspooled. We (the Bollywood reviewers/critics) are extremely harsh on films produced on hometurf. We go hammer and tongs after these film-makers, as if they have committed ...
Its A Wonderful Afterlife Review
Hrithik Bollywood Heavy Weight
Hrithik is Bollywood's 'heavy' weight now!
Our BTown celebs put a lot of effort into a role. So dedicated are they to their craft that they’re willing to transform themselves to portray a character. While Aishwarya Rai learnt sword-fighting for Jodha Akbar, Lara Dutta learnt swimming for ...
Disappointment at overseas box office
Gurinder Chadha's much-awaited film It's A Wonderful Afterlife has under-performed in U.K. Talking strictly from the business point of view, several Bollywood biggies, starring SRK, Aamir and Akshay in particular, have fetched a far better start on limited screens than It'...
Its A Wonderful Afterlife Bo
Sendhil Not Familiar Hindi
Sendhil is not at all familiar with Hindi
When this week American NRI actor Sendhil Ramamurthy flew down to Mumbai he had a shock waiting for him. His first Indian film It's A Wonderful Afterlife is being dubbed into Hindi. Sendhil's thick but gracious American accent is a dead ...
Gurinder's twins in It's A Wonderful Afterlife
The youngest members of the cast in Gurinder Chadha’s new film It’s A Wonderful Afterlife are the director’s twins, son Ronak and daughter Kumiko. Apparently both the kids not only insisted on being part of the film, they even out-performed th...
Gurinder Its A Wonderful Afterlife
Shabana Iawa Premiere
Shabana to miss It's A Wonderful Afterlife premiere
Shabana Azmi is disappointed. She will not be able to attend the London premiere of her next release, It's A Wonderful Afterlife (IAWA), on April 12 because of her broken leg. She will have to skip another premiere that is at ...
It’s a Wonderful Afterlife in Hindi
It’s a Wonderful Afterlife, Gurinder Chadha’s latest English film, which was earlier dubbed in Punjabi and called Hai Mar Java, has been scrapped and will have a Hindi version.Starring Shabana Azmi, Sendhil Ramamurthy, Sanjeev Bhaskar and Goldy Notay, t...
Its A Wonderful Afterlife Hindi
Its A Wonderful Afterlife Release
It’s a Wonderful Afterlife promises big
It’s that time of the year when the IPL fever rules, daily soaps are going strong and there’s a lull with not many films releasing. In such times, Gurinder Chadha’s It’s a Wonderful Afterlife manages to create a hype. There&rsquo...
Sendhil's journey to It's A Wonderful Afterlife
The tall, dark and handsome hunk from American series 'Heroes', Sendhil Ramamurthy, is making heads turn even before the first look of Gurinder Chadha's It's A Wonderful Afterlife has been revealed in India.The LA-based actor, who was recently cast as a ...
Sendhil Its A Wonderful Afterlife
Shabana Hai Mar Java
Shabana Azmi busy with Hai Mar Java
Whilst tending to her fractured leg, Shabana Azmi has now found an inventive way to spend her time around the house. She has lately been learning Punjabi at home for the dubbed Punjabi version of Gurinder Chadha’s It’s A Wonderful Afterlife. ...
Shabana Overweight
Shabana Azmi puts on 25 kgs
If you see a grossly overweight woman waddling around the busy streets of London looking like Shabana Azmi, chances are it is the mighty Azmi herself looking laden with loads of weight.In fact those of you who saw Shabana at ...
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