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Hide N Seek

IPL makes Right Yaa Wrong crawl
Despite Bollywood taking IPL heads on, it lost the battle at least on the opening Friday. No, a film like Right Yaaa Wrong wasn't expected to take a bumper response at the box office even if it would have arrived solo ...
Ipl Right Yaa Wrong Crawl
Hide N Seek Mild Terror
Hide & Seek offers a terrain of mild terror
So whodunit? Put a bunch of assorted dysfunctional men and women into a shopping mall, not to shop, but to get bumped off. And voila, the whodunit takes the characters to shop until they drop, one by one. There's a Santa ...
New releases bombed at box office
The new releases – Right Yaa Wrong, Hide & Seek and Na Ghar Ke Na Ghaat Ke - opened to poor houses on Friday. The opening was shockingly poor at several parts of the country, although the feedback to Right Yaa ...
Right Yaa Wrong Hide Seek Box Office
Amruta Patki Interview
"Yes, I am single" - Amruta Patki
In this year's release Chance Pe Dance, Shahid Kapoor's character was shown as a struggler who doesn't have enough money to decide about his next meal. Romanticizing the entire struggle around him, this character embraces it all before success comes falling ...
Hide & Seek director grateful to Abhishek Bachchan
Every time Abhishek Bachchan's name is mentioned, the Hide & Seek director Shawn Arranha goes misty-eyed. Shawn says he cannot forget what Abhishek has done for him. Ask him what makes him so sentimental about Abhishek and Shawn clams up. Abhishek ...
Hide N Seek Director Grateful Abhishek
Bollywood in dire straits: Exams, IPL play havoc
Spring has set in but Bollywood is in for bad times. March is usually a dry month for the film industry and this year is no exception. Business dips during this season due to board exams. Adding more salt to the ...
Bollywood Exams Ipl
Shawn Arranha Interview
Hide & Seek shows how friendship can go wrong: Shawn Arranha
Shawn Arranha talks about his upcoming release Hide & Seek. He revealed that he is reading scripts and trying to shift genres, because he wants to be known as a versatile director.How did Hide & Seek materialise?Apoorva Lakhia narrated to me ...
Hide & Seek Music Review
EXPECTATIONSYou don't really warm up to the idea of picking up Hide & Seek as the album of the weekend. A thriller flick always comes with its own limitations of song placement and the thought is no different for Hide & ...
Hide N Seek Music Review
Purab Mrinalini Hide N Seek
Purab Kohli scares Mrinalini on Hide N Seek sets
After a long hiatus, gorgeous Mrinalini Sharma makes a comeback with the fast paced suspense thriller Hide N Seek, directed by Shawn Arranha. The movie is based on the lives of six friends, two of them being Purab Kohli and Mrinalini ...
"I like promoting new talents" - Apoorva Lakhia
Throbbing may well be the perfect word to describe Apoorva Lakhia's frenetic world. He breathes cinema like we breathe air, and the only way to understand him is to understand his cinema. So to say that Apoorva changed the face of ...
Apoorva Lakhia Interview
Sameer Kochhar Interview
“Hide N Seek is a mind boggling film”- Sameer Kochhar
TV anchor turned actor Sameer Kochhar who made his Bollywood debut in film Zeher is now coming back on the screen in the forthcoming film Hide N Seek. Moser Baer Entertainment and Idiot Box’s film Hide N Seek is the directorial ...
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