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Drashti Dhami

Madhubala: 18th March, Abhay And Madhu's Pictures Leaked!
Madhubala 18th March written episode: The media persons gather in Abhay’s house. They claim that Abhay has spent some intimate moments with a girl, who looks like his PA Madhu. They show the photographs of Abhay, when he was helping Madhu, ...
Madhubala 18th March Abhay Madhu Pics Leaked
Madhubala 14th March Abhay Madhu Intoxicated
Madhubala: 14th March, Abhay And Madhu Intoxicated On Holi!
Madhubala 14th March written episode: Tamanna insists Abhay into playing Holi. Abhay denies taking any colour. From his back Madhu comes with a colour plate. She staggers in intoxication. When she is about to fall, Abhay catches her. The plate falls ...
Madhubala: 13th March, Pam Selects Bride For Abhay!
Madhubala 13th March written episode: Pam wants to know about Abhay’s plans for his marriage and his new business venture. Nikhil assures her that everything will be controlled by them. He tells her that he has selected a bride for Abhay. ...
Madhubala 13th March Pam Selects Bride For Abhay
Madhubala: 11th March, Madhubala Unaware About Her Parents!
Madhubala 11th March written episode: Bebe tells Madhu to write a matrimonial ad for Abhay; Madhu’s writing impresses her. She instructs her to publish it on the internet. Nikhil gives the office ad to Madhu to publish it in the newspaper. ...
Madhubala 11th March Madhu Unaware Of Her Parents
Madhubala 10th March Madhus Re Enters Her Past
Madhubala: 10th March, Madhu Renters Her Past!
Madhubala 10th March written episode: Madhu has a queer feeling when she enters the new house; she feels like she has visited the place earlier. Bittu identifies the house; it is the same house where Madhu’s mother started her married life. ...
Madhubala: 8th March, Abhay Gifts Madhu A Brand New House!
Madhu tries to call Sunny but fails to connect him due to weak signal. An upset and confused Madhu receives the call of Abhay’s sister, instructing her to attend her duty promptly. Madhu hurries and falls when getting down from auto. ...
Madhubala 8th March Abhay Gifts Madhu A New House
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