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Claudia Ciesla

Claudia Ciesla is a German model, actress, and singer of Polish descent.

Early life
She grew up in the town of Bukow, Poland, five miles from the Czech border in an area called Silesia with a minority German population. Her father is Polish and her mother is German.

Model career
Ciesla started modeling at the age of 15 working for shows involved in fashion and dancing. At the age of 17 she moved to Bamberg, Germany. She was in Germany discovered by the former German Chief Editor, Stefan Gessulat, and appeared in the August 2005 Matador issue as Miss Matad...
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Claudia Ciesla in Kannada film Private Number
Everyone following the third season of Bigg Boss must remember the German model and actress Claudia Ciesla, who added the much needed spice to the show in Colors channel. The hot actress is now going to debut in Kannada films with ...
Claudia Private Number
Claudia Eliminated
Claudia eliminated from Bigg Boss
Giving a super surprise to the already shocked housemates of Bigg Boss 3 we have a major twist coming up. As tonight the Bigg Boss house will see not one, but two eliminations! This week all the contestants of the house ...
Pravesh Rana to win Bigg Boss feels KRK
It’s the sixty seventh morning in Bigg Boss’s house. The entire house seems disturbed and confused by Bhakhtyar Irani’s mock winning speech. Kamal Rashid Khanwho has always had a poor opinion of Bhakhtyar is seen voicing his opinions to Claudi...
Kamal Pravesh Winning
Kamal Key Bigg Boss
Kamal holds the key in Bigg Boss
Monday mornings always seem to be here all too soon. Just when you are getting used to the weekend -Whoosh! -It’s already flown by and all too soon, it's Monday the dread day. But no matter how much we moan or ...
End of 'Satta' in Bigg Boss house
Lately Bigg Boss house has turned into a mad house thanks to the ‘Satta’ task assigned to the housemates. Since the task involved selection of a Rajneta, who could get a chance to be one of finalists incase he/she managed to ...
Bigg Boss Satta
Vinod Eliminated Bigg Boss
Vinod Kambli's Bigg Boss innings ends
It is another surprise for the viewers after the re-entry of Kamal Rashid Khan on Bigg Boss that one more among the inmates has been shown the doors of the house. According to our source, “Vinod Kambli who has just entered ...
Last day of task at Bigg Boss
It’s the last day of the task and everyone is performing their duties with precision. After all, this task will fetch them maximum points and a luxurious budget and Malika-e-Aditi isn’t complaining either! The last couple of weeks have brought turmoil ...
Bigg Boss Task
Bigg Boss Bitching
Love, jealously, bitching all in Bigg Boss house
It’s the second day of the task today but the enthusiasm of the housemates has not waned. They are all up early and start preparing for their daily chores. Malika Aditi Govitrikar wakes up at her time and is surprised by ...
Aditi becomes Mallika on Bigg Boss
Everyone enjoys attention especially when one doesn’t have to lift a finger for anything! Here we are talking about the new weekly task ‘Malika-e-Bigg Boss’. As per the task, Aditi Govitrikar is the Malika and the rest of the housemates have ...
Aditi Mallika Bigg Boss
Pravesh Caudia Jail
Pravesh-Claudia languish in jail in Bigg Boss
Another day, another morning at the Bigg Boss house where everyone is as usual busy doing the morning chores, but early riser Vindu’s monologue finally turns into a dialogue with the arrival of Vinod. After Pravesh’s slip of congratulating Shamita on ...
Mr. India Pravesh Rana enters Bigg Boss
Mr India World 2008 Pravesh Rana will enter the Bigg Boss 3 house. This will be the first wild card entry for the show in its third season. The producers of the show have decided to throw an established name in ...
Pravesh Bigg Boss
Claudia Bhakityar Mingling
Claudia gets too close with Bhaktiyar in Bigg Boss
Bigg Boss 3 is trying to catch in with more eyeballs by showing the closeness of Bhaktiyar Irani and Claudia Ciesla. Where as Tanaaz’s reaction towards their proximity is neglected in the scenes. “Bhaktiyar is trying to get more close to ...
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