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Channing Tatum

Channing Matthew Tatum born in April 26, 1980 is an American actor and film producer. He began his career as a fashion model before turning to film roles, having starred in She's the Man (2006), Step Up (2006), Fighting (2009), Public Enemies (2009), G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra (2009), and Dear John (2010).

Early life

Channing Tatum was born in Cullman, Alabama, the son of Kay, an airline worker, and Glenn Tatum, who worked in construction. His ancestry includes Irish, French and Native American. Tatum's family moved to Mississippi when he was s...

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Channing Tatum Never Planned Become Actor 113052
I never planned to become an actor: Channing Tatum
Los Angeles: Actor Channing Tatum, who admits he was never a good student, says he never even planned to become an actor. Tatum says he struggled to choose from various career options like getting into military, becoming a footballer and veterinarian, ...
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Los Angeles: Actress Jenna Tatum is planning to be a working mother and has no plans to quit her acting career. Jenna, who gave birth to her first child, Everly, with husband Channing Tatum last week, is mentally prepared to juggle ...
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Channing Tatum Hope Justin Bieber Doesnt Fall Down 111404
I hope Justin Bieber doesn't fall down: Channing Tatum
Los Angeles: Actor Channing Tatum fears teen singer Justin Bieber will struggle with the responsibilities of adulthood because he lacks the experience of the real world, especially since he has spent his growing up years in the spotlight. Tatum worries the ...
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Alex Pettyfer Play Stripper Magic Mike 130511 Aid
Alex Pettyfer to play stripper in Magic Mike
Actor Alex Pettyfer, who has starred in I Am Number Four, has been added to the cast of director Steven Soderbergh’s upcoming movie Magic Mike. Pettyfer will play a young stripper, which is a character based on the experiences of Channing ...
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Josh Dating Abbie Cornish
Josh dating Abbie Cornish
New York, (ANI): Josh Hartnett and Abbie Cornish have fuelled rumours that they are dating after they attended a birthday party together. Cornish, who parted ways with long-term boyfriend Ryan Phillippe earlier this year, was seen enjoying a meal with Hartnett ...
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