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Billie Piper

Billie Piper to take Secret Diary Of A Call Girl to Hollywood
London (ANI): Billie Piper's hit series 'Secret Diary Of A Call Girl' will soon be made into a Hollywood movie. The pop star-turned-actress plays the character of Britain's most popular sex worker Belle de Jour in the raunchy series.And Piper has ...
Billie Piper Series Hollywood

Bgt Tia Brodie Pornstar
BGT's Tia Brodie was a hardcore porn star
London (ANI): Britain's Got Talent’s topless fire-eater has revealed that she used to work as a hardcore porn star. Millions of viewers of the reality show were left shocked when they watched Tia Brodie running flames across her naked body, her ...
Billie Piper's hubby moans about boring sex life
London (ANI): Billie Piper might be a sex goddess in 'Secret Diary Of A Call Girl', but her husband has said that their sex life is "boring" as compared to scenes in her raunchy TV series. The sexy actress banned actor ...
Billie Hubby Boring Life
Billie Postnatal Depression
Billie Piper opens up about postnatal depression
London (ANI): English actress Billie Piper has opened up about her struggle with postnatal depression following her son’s birth. Piper, 27, who went through a difficult 26-hour labour and emergency Caesarean to have baby Winston, said she had a harrowing time ...
Billie Piper does steamy scenes for Passionate Woman
London (ANI): English actress Billie Piper will soon be seen in steamy sex scenes in new TV drama Passionate Woman. The actress plays the role of a sexually frustrated housewife who has an affair with a Polish neighbour in the story ...
Billie Passionate Woman
Billie Piper Bans Husband
Billie Piper bans hubby watching Secret Diary new series
London (ANI): Actress Billie Piper has barred her husband from watching the new series of ‘Secret Diary’ as it''s too racy. The 27-year-old actress, who plays high-class hooker Belle du Jour in the ITV show, believes that the sex scenes are ...
Billie Piper uses a foot double
Washington (ANI): Billie Piper has revealed that she uses a foot double when filming scenes for her raunchy TV show ''Secret Diary Of A Call Girl'' because she finds them ‘vulgar’. The 27-year-old actress, who plays a high class London prostitute ...
Billie Piper Foot Double
Sexscene Billie Dirty
Sex scenes in TV show makes Billie Piper feel dirty
London (ANI): Actress Billie Piper says that playing high-class hooker in hit TV show, ‘Secret Diary Of A Call Girl’ makes her feel dirty. The 27-year-old star always jumps in the shower when she finishes filming scenes for TV show where ...
Billie Piper hate herself nude onscreen
London (ANI): Actress Billie Piper has admitted she feels uncomfortable watching herself nude on screen. The beauty has done sex scenes in The Secret Diary Of A Call Girl with her actor husband Laurence Fox.“I wouldn’t watch it with my dad ...
Billie Piper Hate Nude
Billie Piper Call Girl
"Locals actually believe I'm a whore," Billie Piper
London (ANI): Singer-actress Billie Piper says that sometimes people actually believe she is a prostitute after watching her play Belle de Jour in the popular TV series Secret Diary of A Call Girl. The 27-year-old beauty revealed that some locals in ...
Tennant blames Piper's boobs for Top Gear loss
London (ANI): 'Doctor Who' star David Tennant blames co-star Billie Piper's boobs for loosing their celeb car battle on the BBC's 'Top Gear'. "The reason I was 0.2 seconds behind her was because Billie was wearing a see-through top," the News ...
David Billie Top Gear Loss
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