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Ar Babu

Chamkaysi Chindi Udaysi - Review
Director AR Babu has now come out with a comedy movie called Chamkaysi Chindi Udaysi, which stars Komal Kumar as hero. The movie seems to be an inspiration of Bollywood comic movies like Dhamal, Golmal and Welcome. Although the director has ...
Chamkaysi Chindi Udaysi Review
Chamkaysi Chindi Udaysi
Chamkaysi Chindi Udaysi releasing today
Comedian Komal Kumar starrer movie Chamkaysi Chindi Udaysi is ready for state wide release today. Tomorrow (July 4), Komal Kumar will celebrate his birthday. The actor seems to have trapped between the happiness of both the events. With the movie Chamkaysi ...
Jaggesh appreciates his brother Komal
Comedy actor Jaggesh shed tears on the occasion of Chamkaysi Chindi Udaysi audio release after he remembered his mother's concern towards his brother Komal Kumar. He said that she had urged him to take care of Komal Kumar. Jaggesh's ...
Jaggesh Appreciate Komal
Marujanma release in February
Marujanma, as the name suggests, is based on the concept of reincarnation. The recent Hindi blockbuster film Om Shanti Om, starring Shahrukh Khan in the lead, and the earlier Kannada film, Raja Nanna Raja, starring Dr. ...
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