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Aatma movie  follows Maya (Bipasha Basu), a single mother that has managed to escape the cycle of abuse from her husband (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) after his death.

Her sense of peace is shattered when she begins to discover that her husband is possessing their daughter (Doyel Dhawan) with the intent of causing the child's death and taking her with him to his own world (of the dead).
Aatma, Rangrezz (7 days) 1st week collections at Box Office
Hindi movies Aatma and Rangrezz have disappointed their producers with a poor business at the Indian Box Office in the first week. They have landed in the second and third spots, respectively, while the old release Jolly LLB topped the collection ...
Aatma Rangrezz 7 Days 1 Week Collection Box Office
Aatma Rangrezz First Weekend Collection Box Office
Aatma, Rangrezz first weekend collection at Box Office
Mumbai: March, which is considered as the month of exams for schools and colleges, seems to be unlucky month for Bollywood. Except Jolly LLB, most of the big-ticket films released in this month have bombed at the Indian Box Office. Aatma ...
Horror genre now respected, thanks to Bipasha Basu
Suparn Verma, who has directed Bollywood's latest horror film Aatma, says the genre has found a new lease of life in Hindi cinema thanks to popular actresses like Bipasha Basu. He believes horror genre was once considered B-grade cinema in ...
Aatma Horror Genre Respect Bipasha Basu Suparn Verma
Aatma Movie Review
Aatma Movie Review - Fails to scare!
Aatma, directed by Suparn Verma has no 'aatma' or soul to keep the viewers interested in this horror film which hardly manages to spook you! A half baked plot and not enough scenes to scare you makes Aatma a very average ...
Aatma sequel on the cards with a new theme
Aatma is yet to release but director Suparn Verma says he is ready to make the sequel to the supernatural thriller with a new theme which will deal with the "guilt" factor in a relationship. Starring Bipasha Basu and Nawazuddin Siddiqui, ...
Aatma Sequel On The Cards Suparn Verma
Bipasha Basu Went Through Hell Shooting Aatma
Bipasha Basu went through hell shooting 'Aatma'
Mumbai: Suparn Verma's upcoming venture Aatma blends elements of domestic violence with horror and the director says lead actress Bipasha Basu went through hell emotionally while shooting the film. 'Aatma' has actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui in the lead alongside Bipasha. The ...
Aatma gives Bipasha Basu sleepless nights - Pictures
Mumbai: Bipasha Basu confesses that the promotional tours of her upcoming film Aatma are giving her sleepless nights as she is being forced to face her fears and visit haunted places. "I really have to admit it honestly that I ...
Bipasha Basu Pictures Aatma Sleepless Nights
Revealed What Scares Aatma Star Bipasha Basu Most
Revealed: What scares Aatma star Bipasha Basu the most?
Kolkata, Popular Bollywood actress Bipasha Basu, who will be seen in horror movie Aatma, revealed that she's more afraid of the supernatural than getting into an image trap. "Stereotypes don't scare me much, but yes, supernatural would scare the hell ...
Why Bipasha Basu visits Kolkata secretly ?
Kolkata: Popular Bollywood actress Bipasha Basu said she often makes secret visits to the metropolis to be with her family. "I keep coming quietly, those are very secretive visits when I don't really want to meet anyone else but the family," said ...
Why Bipasha Basu Visits Kolkata Secretly
Aatma Taught Bipasha Basu Motherhood Doyel Dhawan
Aatma taught Bipasha Basu about motherhood
Doyel Dhawan was almost glued to Bipasha Basu like a child would be with her mother on the sets of Aatma and the actress confesses that the experience made her realise that motherhood is the best feeling. "She (Doyel) was ...
Aatma star Bipasha Basu not searching for her soulmate
"Let me first find my soulmate. Marriage is not a very simple thing, you have to spend the rest of your life with this one person. Hopefully, I find him soon, I am not looking though, let him find me," Bipasha ...
Bipasha Basu Not Searching Soulmate Aatma
Aatma Will Redefine Horror Genre Suparn Verma
Aatma will redefine horror genre: Suparn Verma
Director Suparn Verma promises that his upcoming horror film Aatma will go beyond the same canned plot and will tap into the audiences' deepest fears. "I am not experimenting with Aatma but redefining the genre completely. I want to set ...
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