Sundarangudu is an Remdke version of Tamil version movie Peralagan and this movie is an family based movie. In which, Chanti (Surya) is an ugly-looking hunchback (goonivaadu). Though his appearance is bad, he is very good at heart. He extends his help to everybody he comes across. Kamala (Jyotika) is a blind girl, who seeks the help of Chanti in the troubled time. Karthik (Surya) is a handsome hunk who is in love with Priya (Jyotika), daughter of a police commissioner (Devan).

Karthik and Priya decide to elope as Priya's father is against their love. They seek the help of Chanti. In the process, Priya is killed by a criminal. Chanti witnesses this gory incident. However he maintains his silence, as he fears for his life. Karthik is held responsible for Priya's death. Meanwhile, Priya who was a voluntary eye-donor, has her eyes transplanted to Kamala.The rest of the story is about whom Kamala weds.