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KALA Story

Kala is all about an unemployed youth, whose parents keep scolding him. He joins his friends to set up an office that promises to make the unfulfilled dreams of its customers come true. Most of the clients are aspiring actors, and Raja makes huge money out of them.

Nayana is impressed. She traps him into a contract and, when they fail to present her as a heroine, she takes Raja to Mauritius. Initially, he hates her but later starts liking her. He takes time to express his love.

One day, when she faints, vomiting blood, he brings her to Hyderabad and comes to know that she requires a bone marrow transplant to survive. He is left dumfounded.

Doctors find a perfect donor in a dreaded criminal. Raja, who had clashed with the criminal earlier, convinces him, and police also agree sportingly. The criminal agrees for the transplant and, predictably, he escapes after the operation, leaving the lovers united.
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