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Kiku Sharda Not Leaving Comedy Nights With Kapil, Rubbishes Rumours!

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Updated: Friday, January 31, 2014, 0:14 [IST]

Kiku Sharda, the Palak and Lachcha of Comedy Nights With Kapil (CNWK) took to Twitter to announce that he is not leaving his beloved show. He said that who ever is circulating rumours regarding him leaving Kapil Sharma's show can talk to his hand. Palak and Lachcha will stay where they were born, with CNWK he added.

Here are his four tweets that clearly rubbishes all the rumours about him leaving the popular comedy show.

Tweet 1 - Hahahaha , some funny rumours doin the rounds of me quitting CNWK ..... No No No NOT TRUE ,,,, I love CNWK n am very much a part of it ?

Tweet 2 - I love my job n am not going anywhere , PALAK n LACCHA will stay whr dey were born , with CNWKapil @KapilSharmaK9 @ColorsTV CNWK rockssss!!!

Tweet 3 - I request everyone to pls RT my last two tweets of me not quitting CNWK , just wanna kill these rumours .... It's just NOT TRUE.

Tweet 4 - Ooooooooooooooooooooo no need to spread these rumours ok ..... Aye bade....jissne bhi yeh batein phelayi hein , he can TALK TO MY HAND.

Clearly, Kiku Sharda is not leaving Kapil Sharma's show and all his fans can breath a sigh of relief knowing that Palak and Lachcha are not leaving their favourite show like Gutthi.

Palak - Kiku Sharda

Palak aka Kiku Sharda said that Palak and Lachcha will stay where they were born, in Comedy Nights With Kapil.


Lachcha, the favourite fat guy on Comedy Nights With Kapil will stay on the show, Kiku says.

Palak Not Following Gutthi

Palak announced that she will not be leaving Comedy Nights With Kapil like Gutthi, Sunil Grover.

Palak And Gutthi

It was Gutthi and Palak in the beginning and they got separated when Gutthi decided to leave the show to host his own show.

Palak To Stay With Kapil

Palak announced that whoever started the rumour about him leaving the show can talk to his hands.

Lachcha Continues

Now that Kiku has clearly announced that he is not leaving the show, his fans can breath a sigh of relief.

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Story first published:  Thursday, January 30, 2014, 16:03 [IST]
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