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Madhubala: RK-Sultan Duel And Madhu Gets Shot?

Written by: Girija Narayan
Updated: Thursday, July 18, 2013, 15:50 [IST]

Sultan has declared that he would fight RK to get what is supposed to be his. RK, who has been waiting for such an opportunity, has jumped at the chance to fight Sultan. The winner's trophy being Madhu.

When Sultan calls Madhu and asks her to come to him, he knew what to expect from Madhu and RK after the call. He knew RK would come and not Madhu. The same would happen too.

After the call, RK notices a change in Madhu and would ask her what exactly Sultan has said to her. Though Madhu hesitates a little, she would eventually tell everything about the phone call. Sultan would have said that, RK has snatched everything from him, his soul, his heart, his happiness and his Madhu. And he wants what is supposed to be his back. This would not sit well with RK, the fact that Sultan thinks Madhu is a part of his destiny, in particular.

RK, the next morning, decides he can't have someone thinking of separating him and Madhu, and he cannot accept this at any cost. He decides to put an end to all this and goes to Sultan with a gun. Sultan too is prepared for this. Sultan would have also made Dips send Madhu to the place of duel.

We have to wait for today's episode to see who would kill whom, who would win Madhu and who looses her forever.

Also the precap shows, Madhu being at the gun point. Would she be shot in this RK and Sultan's duel? We have to wait and watch.

Sultan Calls Madhu

Sultan calls Madhu and asks her to come to him. But he knew what exactly would happen after this. And he would be right. RK would be the one who would come to him and not Madhu. The same happens.

RK Says Madhu Is His Destiny

RK says that, nobody's destiny is so strong that it will take Madhu away from him and that, she is made for him. He also says, "If she was written in someone else's destiny, he would fight to get her, he would break all rules and win her, since she is only his."

Sultan And RK Issue

Sultan has decided to fight for what is truly his. He thinks RK has snatched away his life, heart, soul, happiness and his Madhu.

RK, on the other hand, does not want to tolarate anyone who is thinking of separating him and Madhu.

RK And Sultan Duel

RK and Sultan have decided to put an end to all this. They have come to a conclusion that either one remains.

RK Sultan Duel

RK and Sultan have declared a duel with each other and none are even thinking of backing off. We have to wait and watch who survives and who doesn't.

RK Goes To Sultan

RK leaves Madhu and goes to Sultan. Sultan has expected this to happen and things fall into place, exactly the way he had planned.

Madhu Reaches RK

The precap of the episode shows that Madhu reaches the spot of the duel in time. Also, it shows her being at the gun point.

Would the duel end in her getting hurt? We have to wait and watch.

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Story first published:  Thursday, July 18, 2013, 13:35 [IST]
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