Pizza 2  Villa

Pizza 2 Villa (U/A)

  (3 / 5)
Release Date:
Genre: Horror
Language: Tamil
Cast :
Ashok Selvan
as Jebin
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Sanchita Shetty
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Story :
Pizza II Villa is an tamil horror movie, written and directed by debutant Deepan Chakravarthy. The Movie stars with Ashok
Songs :
Boomiyil sung by Pradeep (Singer)
Disco Women sung by Dhee
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Pizza 2 Villa Review


Having sequels or film franchise is something new in Tamil films. It is considered as a risky business by a section of filmmakers in Kollywood. Well, producer CV Kumar, who had delivered superhit movie Pizza with budding team last year, decided to take a chance by making Pizza 2: Villa and it...

Pizza 2 Villa User Review


If you had already watched PIZZA 2 then this will not affect you much.This movie compared to the earlier is nothing.I myself watching cinema for 20 years dindnt understand the ending until I watched it 4 times,so how can we expect the normal public to understand it.Actors did a good job but a...

Pizza 2 Villa User Comments

  • kannan 6 months ago

    Thanks for ur comments.. I'm going to see tonight

  • manikanda-varman 6 months ago

    he main concept energy can neither be created nor be destroyed..........negative energiesa onnum panna mudiyathunnu next partukku lead kuduthutaanuga............screenplay is thrill in some scenes .....painting says the future........no one change the character of the girls........is the tagline of the movie....debue actor hero jebin done a good acting with the heroine.....nasser asusual good but he came in few scenes.........the main factor to see the movie is sound factor......dolby atoms adurudhu..........pizza 1 maathiri illa but paakalam......climaxla twist silarukku puriyakudathunnu write panniirupannogapolla.......totally villa is theater housefullla

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