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Pattikada Pattanama is a story about Mookkaiyan and kalpana who are completely opposite in their way of culture.Kalpana returns back to India after studying abroad and visits Mookkaiyan's village with her parents. As Kalpana's mother decides to marry her to a drunkard, her father request's Mookkaiyan to rescue her.

 Kalpana ends up marrying Mookkaiyan after which they realize that they don't get along well. Initially Mookkaiyan tries to change Kalpana's western behaviour which doesn't go well with the villagers. After a fight, Kalpana ends up back at ther parent's house. Mookkaiyan tries to learn western practices to impress Kalpana and get her back to the village. Does he succeed forms the rest of the story.
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