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Mayakkam Enna

  (4 / 5)
Release Date:
Genre: Action - Romance
Language: Tamil
Cast :
Vote (15,750)      Vote (3,260)
Richa Gangopadhyay
Vote (21,565)      Vote (605)


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Story :
Mayakkam Enna, is a upcoming Tamil film directed by Selvaraghavan. It stars his brother Dhanush in lead role, paired up with
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Mayakkam Enna Review


Dhanush and Selvaraghavan's Mayakkam Enna is an emotion-filled story that shows varied feelings of a man. The filmmaker, like his past works, has not followed the current trend rather he has made the movie in his usual style. Besides writing a wonderful script, he has also taken the best...

Mayakkam Enna User Review


Follow your Heart. I got to know about the tagline after watching the movie. When you have the director doing what the tagline refers to then there is nothing that can go wrong!
The story revolves around Karthik (Dhanush) whose passion is photography. He is blatant, weird, and jobless. He...

Mayakkam Enna User Comments

  • arjun 2 years ago

    Pengal thavara sithirika paturukum padam. Even though dhanush like her he knows she is friend's gf and he tries to move away from her but she always chase him down without any hesitation and guilt. She goes everywhere with that guy who is called as bf with only hidden intention to meet dhanush. Is not that cheating? She dont have any need to portray as his gf to see someone else, she should have told that guy we cant be lovers I will be ur friends and I want to be part of ur group of friends she is working women matured and bold but cant tell openly that I dont want to be ur gf I am hitting on someone else.Only after everything revealed she tells I am just ur friend niya ena lover nenachita nan porupu illa, I came movie party tour everywhere with you but only to meet dhanush, she dint stopped there but complains that guy has no character always drunken and falling over me (does she have any character first,or dhanush very good to her who scolded her bad words in first scene). Innum evlo nal dhan tamil cinema la oru young hero na vela vetti illama poruki thanama ooru suthanum,figure pinnadi thiriyanum, friends kasula kudikanum nu katuvanga. Adhemadiri heroin thedipidichu rowdy ya suthi suthi love panradhu(aaru,pokiri,beema,tvp etcs) nu katuvanga illa nan kekarean pasangalam porupilladhavangala? illa ponungalam avlo loosa(politely asking immature ah)? Why tamil cinema always portray teenagers as bunch of spoiled lads.

  • x 3 years ago

    dei mokka payale...padam hit da ne eyenna sonnalum tamil makkal padam nalla irukenu othukittathaku proof irukku...seriya..moodittu poda...unakellam shakeela padam thaan nalla theriyum

  • xxx 3 years ago

    worstlayum worst ah erukku tamil karanga ellam loosu nu neenachutanga pola

  • sanji 3 years ago

    if u love typical masala movieslike vijais movies, where he beats up lots of people single handedly, then this movie wont be appealing to you. this movie displays the feelings and dedication of two people who are in love and the things they have to go through in life. some parts in the movie are very sloppy and done without to much care. like the song "kadhal en kadhal..." i watched the movie beautiful minds( Russell crowe) as well, the concepts are the same, which shows the dedication of a wife to help her husband succeed. even then haven't we seen so many remakes from a lot of actors? the latest movie of vijai was nanban which is also a...? well dont have to write the rest. so don't just hate movies for a reasons which are not justified. Tamil movie industry has to change from displaying hero's as super hero's, where 1 person beats up 100 people and the commercial stories where people love each other and its not accepted by the family, or a rowdy terrorizing a town....and so on the list is very long. That is why i think movies like this are good with a different story and should be promoted. so well done to the director and dhanush & rhisha

  • kumaresh 3 years ago

    awesome performance from dhanush...

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