Magane En Marumagane

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Genre: Comedy
Language: Tamil
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Story :
Magane En Marumagane film is about how parents should bring up the children and how children should take care of the parents.
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Magane En Marumagane Review


Alas! How long will these filmmakers keep boiling the same stuff over and over again? Perhaps, you would have to walk out of theatres yelling it. We have watched several films based on issues pertaining to middle class families. Of course, there have been certain amenities that these cohorts...

Magane En Marumagane User Review


Narration wise, T.P. Gajendran has spelled a usual potboiler that has been watched more than hundred times over the screens. The issues related with middle-class families and their family affairs have been persistently turned into celluloid over the times and this one isn’t an elision.

Magane En Marumagane User Comments

  • ste 5 years ago


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