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Jannal Oram (Tamil: ஜன்னல் ஓரம்) is an Tamil comedy drama movie directed by Karu Pazhaniappan, a remake of the 2012 Malayalam film, Ordinary, it stars Parthiban, Vimal, Vidharth, Poorna and Manisha Yadav of Vazhakku Enn 18/9 fame. The story is set in Pannaikadu, a hillside village, with only one bus service to and from a nearby town. 


Vimal is appointed as the conductor TN bus service that shuttles a small and beautiful hill station. Parthiban is the driver. Iravi soon establishes a special rapport with the driver and the commuters. He ends up meeting Poorna in village and builds a beautiful relationship with her. Soon, Vimal begins to consider the villagers as his extended family. 

A sudden turn of events changes the lives of the characters and what happens in their life carrier is balance story which move towards the climax
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