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The Times of India

Speech and hearing impaired quadruplets lose their way inside a zoo. With an enormous snake on the loose, can they come out alive?

Four kids go missing in a zoo. There is a gargantuan snake on the loose inside the grounds. The kids are speech and hearing impaired and so finding them is doubly difficult. Meanwhile, there's a media circus outside the place.

The only sensible beings in the film are the kids themselves, and they seem more than capable of taking care of themselves.

The Hindu

Filmmaker Guru Ramesh has imagined a horror flick around a gigantic snake on the prowl inside a zoo, in which the snake rarely misbehaves: it bites a zoo-keeper on his right shoulder before he manages to escape its clutches.

It has been conceived along the lines of an old-fashioned, ‘man-vs-deadly-animal’ film, a genre done to death in Hollywood.

Bottomline: Too many people, too little craft

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