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Vote for Oneindia's Sandalwood Poll 2010

The year 2010 has been an important milestone in the history of Kannada film industry. It has witnessed the release of nearly 130 movies, which is a record in the Sandalwood history. It seems that most of the Kannada film producers, directors and actors have learned a lesson that remaking was the main reason behind the failure of the industry in 2009. So they encouraged swamake films (orginal/straight movies) in 2010. Moreover, the year has seen lot of creativity and innovation in acting, fights, music comedy and other commercial elements. Overall, Kannada audience has enjoyed freshness in most of the movies produced in this year.

Now, Oneindia is giving a chance to its readers to choose the Best Kannada film, actor, actress, director and musician of the year 2010. The poll starts from 18th December and will end on 31st December, 2010. Cast your vote to select the Best of Sandalwood 2010.

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