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Runway movie revolves around Unni (Dileep) who dupes his family that he is working in Gulf but in reality involved in the illegal spirit business with Bhai (Murali). Unni runs errands for the terrorizing Chinnadan (Riyaz Khan) in Valayar area. Unni, however, is forced to tell about his other side to Gopika (Kavya Madhavan) who his mother is insistent that he should marry.

Things come to a head when Unni's brother (Indrajeet) becomes a police officer. As it happens, he is honest and tough-as-nails and gets posted in the Valayar area where, by now, Unni and Bhai have become big-time operators. And not surprisingly, with his brother breathing down his neck, Unni wants to turn a new leaf.

Is it possible for him to shed the all-reaching tentacles of the underworld? Will the baddies of the underworld allow him to change? The rest of the film is all about that.
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