Rose Guitarinaal

Rose Guitarinaal

  (2 / 5)
Release Date:
Genre: Music
Language: Malayalam
Cast :
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Athmeeya Rajan
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Story :
Rose Guitarinaal shows the relationship between Friendship, love and music.

Rose Guitarinaal Review


Rose Guitarinaal, directed by Ranjan Pramod and starring Athmeeya, Manu, Richard and Rejath Menon in the lead is back with a musical love story after a long hiatus. His last film Photographer, released six years ago bombed badly at the box office and since then he was nowhere to be seen. Rose...

Rose Guitarinaal User Review


Ranjan Pramod Rose Guitarinaal , quite unlike his previous fils, comes out with a story line which is very much releavant in to day's fast paced life. Thara , brought up in a middle class family, is suddenly transported in to a different world when she is selected in a campus recruitement for tha...

Rose Guitarinaal User Comments

  • ashwin a year ago

    waste film... old theme.... music not synch with the scene

  • sarath a year ago

    Please don't see this movie This movie helps you to lose your money and time RANJAN PRAMOD SIR we didnot expect this type of nuisance movie from your part

  • sougandh a year ago

    I loved the movie....A fine work by Ranjan Pramod..... A gud enjoyable... Musical... Romantic movie....MUST WATCH

  • sundar a year ago

    i just luv athmiya n wanna see film 4 her n whole team

  • akhilrajc a year ago

    i saw the songs and trailers. so good . good work from Ranjan prmod.

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