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Palery Maanikyam movie is based on a famous novel by T P Rajeevan's murder-investigation. The movie was based on a real life story happend in 1950's in Kerala.

Haridas (Mammootty) who is an investigative officer from Delhi and who has his roots in Kerala. He comes along with Sarayu Sharma (Gauri Mangal) who is a criminologist to the village. At the same time, Muslim landlord (Mammootty) who lived in the same period and is connected with crime. Haridas and Sarayu are trying to solve a murder case which happened 53 years ago. A lady named Manikyam (Mythili) who was raped and brutally murdered on the 11th day of her marriage.

It was the first case to be reported, of a lady being murdered after the first communist party Government came into reign in Kerala. Many people including Manickam's mother in law Cheeru, Velayudhan, Kunjikannan were questioned. But due to the lack of evidence against any one, those suspected were released.
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