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  (2 / 5)
Release Date:
Genre: Horror
Language: Malayalam
Cast :
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Story :
ONE is a Malayalam horror movie directed by debutant Parthan Mohan.The movie is based on a real supernatural event that happened
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One Review


One, though an experimental flick by the director Parthan Mohan, bears nothing inventive. The movie seems to convey a message that the characters are not so important, while the place is just right for a horror movie. Rosin, Vishnu, Vinod, Devika and Sau are five techies by profession. They can...

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7 days of production work , no pre written dialogues , 35 scenesil 30 scenes inu cut illa [ chela shots il camera movements matram ] , based of real LIFE incident .. these are some of the specialties of one
Positives :
Direction [ kidilam.. nannayitu pedikkum .. and...

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One Comments

  • sajeethsathyan a year ago

    Utter time wastage. Please guys * Please learn at least what a cinema demands, how to make it and see it as a common viewer. * Please dont test the patience of the film lovers. * Our money and time is precious though you wont value it at all.

  • sunith a year ago

    The worst movie that I have ever seen ..waste of time , money . No acting, No horror. We cannot call this a cinema. The story was good .....but none of them know how to make this film. This is a zero effort movie. The handycam picturization and darkness through out the film is all madness in the screen ...Learn and make films guys..

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