Natholi Oru Cheriya Meenalla

Natholi Oru Cheriya Meenalla

  (3 / 5)
Release Date:
Genre: Drama
Language: Malayalam

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Story :
Natholi Oru Cheriya Meenalla tells the story of the conflict between a writer and the character he creates. The writer has lost
Songs :
Doore Doore sung by Nithya Menon

Natholi Oru Cheriya Meenalla Review


Natholi Oru Cheriya Meenalla, is a romance comedy film directed by VK Prakash and stars Fahad Fazil in a dual role and Kamalinee Mukherjee. Script by Shankar Ramakrishnan is amazing and director VK Prakash has handled the subject with extreme subtlety. Natholi Oru Cheriya Meenalla falls under the...

Natholi Oru Cheriya Meenalla User Review


Natholi Oru Cheriya Meenalla- VK Prakash is a film maker who has shown the guts to experiment with all his films. But its a fact that he has tasted success only a few times.

Most of his experiments fails to appeal to the common man. NOCM is the latest on that list. Fahad appears as...

Natholi Oru Cheriya Meenalla User Comments

  • aroosh a year ago

    whats your problem man when a movie shoot in a flat also its a bad movie. i'm shame about you improve your self as a audian

  • ganesh a year ago

    Boring Movie, I dont agree with all youngsters....do u call every bore stuff, new generation, reality

  • anna a year ago

    natholi is not a small fish...its a gud movie and every one have his own imaginative world and he or she is always trying to express it by writing or in another way ...by doing this they prove they have also had a world of change...i feel its a realistic one...and beautiful sript also...

  • pachu a year ago

    The movie is bad only.No much intresting stuffs in it. The whole movie is pictured inside a flat. its really suffocating.

  • arun a year ago

    It is having a different narrative style and theme.Don't think every one likes it bcz of the same **Natholi is not a small fish.not a big fish either .

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