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Villain movie is the eyes of female protagonist and rowdyism with a tinge of romance. The story based on the Tippu (Auditya) a trusted henchman of underworld dons, MLA  Rajendra(Shobhraj) and Zameer (Rangayana Raghu).

Tippu falls in love with Anu (Ragini)a radio jockey. Rajendra and his gang tries every trick in the trade to create a rift between the lovers.

So that Rajendra gang captured by Anu’s brother Vinay a television crime journalist because Anu's younger brother, containing some incriminating evidence against Rajendra's gang. He gets killed by Rajendra and Ali.

An honest police officer advises Tippu to help him out in giving evidence against Rajendra's atrocities. Finally, Tippu wins over Anu.
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