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  (3 / 5)
Release Date:
Genre: Horror
Language: Kannada
Cast :
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Meghana Mudhiyan
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Story :
Shishira is the horror movie. Yashas and Meghana Mudhiyan are in lead roles.
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Shishira Review


Debut director Manju Swaraj's Kannada movie Shishira comes to the audiences as the last and the best offer for the year 2009. As the film crew has already claimed, the movie is not purely a suspense thriller and it is a mixture of all the masala elements like love, suspense, music and etc. The...

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Shishira Comments

  • lkr 3 years ago

    I've watched this movie in TV today. Undoubtedly it's an interesting movie and a rare kind of movie in Kannada having really good message too. Thanks to Shishira team for giving us such a suspense movie.

  • ramesh 5 years ago

    Hello to all those who are eager to get reviews of Shishira(A thrilling entertainer) movie. and first of all, I request all fans not to decide the quality of the movie,director and actors just by seeing posters in a road and by hearing some lines of songs. Really, We should appreciate director like Manju swarak who made an attempt to direct this type of movie to touch kannada film viewers heart. I have been watching reviews,promos bla newsmapers, Tvs etc from past few months and I am really excited about this movie. In my view, It will be a great entertainer and You can watch it with all your friends and family. Dont miss this film.. You will not get this type of movie in kannada in regular intervals. As 25th is a Holiday for all, Enjoy the movie and Encourage all who were been a part of this "SHISHIRA"

  • ashokshetty 5 years ago

    There is more and more good talks about Shishira, kannada movie directed by Manju Mandavya. Recently the film was screened to few film personalities during a premier in Bangalore. Response of all of them were the best. The results of the film team;s effort in making the movie was seen satisfactory, when they saw the facial expressions of the invited film artists, director and others associated to film industry. Every one was thrilled with the direction done by Manju Mandavya in his first directorial film itself. The film Shishira will be a remarkable movie ever made was the one shout of viewers who watched Shishira Premier.

  • ravi 5 years ago

    I have been expecting this type of movies in Kannada and Manju swaraj has tried his best at his debue movie. And I request all kannada movie fans to go and watch this movie and encourage young directors.

  • vijay-m-r 5 years ago

    Hello friends.... This movie will more realistic and have more nail biting scenes,there is reason to say this. The director ie. Manju Swaraj he is very talented and focused guy,coz i also acted with his directions in colleges.Guys go with family and watch the movie defenetly it will be thrilling.

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