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6-5=2 Reviews

It is a must watch movie for the people, who admires the horror movies. It is only for the people, who are brave-hearted. You will feel like never going for a trek atleast for a month.


Director Ashok has excellently handled an imaginary story of six persons who go on trekking and face some thrilling and fearful moments. One of the trekkers, Ramesh, captures several strange moments in his camera, including a bag suddenly catching fire, a stone falling on their tents, a handmark on Ramesh's back, Soumya falling sick and fainting, Deepa killing Naveen with a huge stone and then killing herself by slashing her throat with a knife.

Fans Review

good try.. :) but I didn expect such kind of visual effect climax.. could hv better shown.. I don't think this would b a real story..its just proffessional gimics.. Real story andre kutuhaladinda jana band nodtaare annodu :D :D .. anyhow good to see these kinds of experimental movies in kannada.....

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