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  (3.5 / 5)
Release Date:
Genre: Horror
Language: Kannada
Cast :
Krishna Prasad
as Naveen
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Tanuja Janu
as Deepa
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Story :
6-5=2 is a real story. In 2010 Ramesh and his 5 friends had been to trekking, among them 3 died and 2 disappeared. 9 days later
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6-5=2 Review


In this era of experimental movies in Kannada, 6-5=2 (Six minus five equals two) is another movie, which has caught the attention of moviegoers. The film has so far been successful in attracting the crowd. The trailer of 6-5=2, which was released last month was the first step to bring the movie...

6-5=2 User Review


No. 1 Horror movie in kannada film industry.....

6-5=2 User Comments

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6-5=2 Comments

  • Mohan 7 months ago

    awesome experimental movie..this should be remade in other languages

  • Vishal 8 months ago

    The movie is a blend of some imaginary local horror stories and a 1994 Hollywood movie Blair Witch Project. The movie gives just an entertainment. But its utter to say "Its a real story".If you closely watch the interview happened between the survivor and the movie crew member, the crew has taken permission of only of the survivor to create movie...My question is "Why they did not take the permission of other families'? For clarifying the doubts, you can just go through the full Wikipedia..

  • Ravi Reddy 8 months ago

    they should not print it on posters saying its the actual footage or the real tape what we are showing... its FAKE..

  • Ravi Reddy 8 months ago

    its nt real I think its copy of hindi movie "question mark". u can find this hindi movie on youtube... ppl r saying its just a fake movie... one lie and 2 crore income?....

  • Mahesh Sri S 8 months ago

    it is worth watching.. it is very close to reality of life

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6-5=2 Comments

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