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Gryf: Sep 12
hi sankar r u a abdul kalam sir fan....???
Mohammed: Jun 12
Ultimate answer while changing the job.
Interviewer: Why did you changed your last job?
Santa: Because the company shifted and didn't tell me where...
Mohammed: Jun 12
Santa: I kiss my wife everyday before leaving for office, what about u?
Banta: Me too, after u leave.
Mohammed: Jun 12
Jan - Rose
Feb - Propose
Mar - Gift
April - Lift
May - Chating
June - Dating
July - Kiss
Aug - Miss
Sep - Drop
Oct - Escape
Nov - Rest
Dec - Next
Mohammed: Jun 12
Chinese was in the hospital, Santa went to meet him.
Chinese said: “CHING CHONG CHU CHU” & died.
Santa went to China to know the meaning, it was - IDIOT, REMOVE UR FOOT FROM MY OXYGN PIPE.
Mohammed: Jun 12

7 glances = 1 smile,
7 smiles = 1 meeting,
7 meetings = 1 kiss,
7 kisses = 1 proposal,
7 proposals = 1 marriage,
and that bloody marriage has 77777 problems...
Logambhal: Jun 11
hai shankar, how are you??? i'm Logambhal from Malaysia. can v be frenzzz???
Lakshmi: Jun 9
Hello! Shankar are you a fan of abdul kalam.
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