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Nivehtha: May 10
s dear after school?
Nivehtha: May 9
i'm also fine ma. then what is ur aim ma
Nivehtha: May 8
hi dear how is life
Vicky: May 6
ok....in india more beautiful places r ther.....u can visit if u have time
Vicky: May 5
r u ther
Vicky: May 5
do u like to visit india r not
Vicky: May 5
k.....wats special ther
Vicky: May 5
ok....carry on
Vicky: May 5
r u ther
Vicky: May 5
ok dear..wat abt u.......r u enjoying r not in ur city
Vicky: May 5
Vicky: May 5
nothing yaar....very boring....so,thats why i am going to mumbai tmrw
Vicky: May 5
its ok karishka........
hai , fine?
you have a facility of google talk or yahoo
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