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Shazad: Jul 4
hello sir
Mohammed: Jun 25
hello sir good morning, how are you sir please tell to Powar sir to add me friend..
Lakshmi: Jun 25
hello sir i am your big fan sir please add me friend.
Thank your sir..
Shazad: Jun 24
hi i am ur fan
Mohammed: Jun 23
hello! sir Good Afternoon....
Mohammed: Jun 22
hello sir it's very easy to use this fan club sir, not like orkut or facebook, just go the above your profile there is one link call quick search just type there movie name, or actors, actresses, etc. if you will not get send me one more scrap sir.

Thank You...
Ramesh: Jun 22
hey kaif how to join movies and all...?
Mohammed: Jun 22
Hello! sir i can't believe this you are here, sir i am your big fan sir please add me friend sir please.

Thank you Sir.
Ramesh: Jun 22
Kaif are you going there
Aahna: Jun 22
Hello! sir please please please add me friend....
Chinmayi: Jun 19
hiiii...add me as a friend
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