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Manasi: Aug 6
Heart is a crystal,
preserve it!
Love is perfume,
spread it!
Feelings r like
fluid,flow it!
Friendship is just1
Lets Share it

Happy Friendship Day

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Friendship Memories – Happy Friendship Day
Anil: Jul 19
SHREE: Jun 25
hi deepa !
how r u ??enna pa romba busyaaaaaaaa?
Vimal: Jun 20
Hai pa how r u?so busy a pa?
Anil: Jun 11
Anil: Jun 8
hai pa how r u?
SHREE: Jun 5
hi !
epidi iruka pa ??ena busyaaaaa ?????
eppo online varuva pa..v r waiting for u
SHREE: Jun 2
hi epidi iruka pa..enna romba busyaaaaa ?????seri eppo online varuva pa ??v r waiting for u.......
SHREE: Jun 2
hmm then nee nee dha sollanum pa....nothing from here
hi hw r u?
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