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Mounika: Dec 3
i am fine, how r u doing?
Sylvia: Nov 27
nothin much.had exms goin on and skools finished was my last yr
Arpith: Oct 16
Hello Puneet.. Happy Deepavali
Sylvia: Oct 16
happy diwali
Mounika: Sep 17
wow, its seems like u r busy. how r u?
Sylvia: Sep 1
im fine. am at school and chattin. i just joined twitter man. its really awesome. getting addicted to it. no wonder why u wernt replying. dont hav time 2 reply 2 ur friends on fanclub aye.sooo sad.
Mounika: Sep 1
i am fine
Sylvia: Aug 31
hey,wea hav u been all these days. havnt been replying 2 me. r u busy or something. havnt heard frm u in quite a while.
Mounika: Aug 25
hi, how r u?
Asiniya: Aug 19
Sylvia: Aug 11
school is gay but havin fun wagging
Sylvia: Aug 11
no even
Sylvia: Aug 11
its all good den. wats up with u. am at school man
Sylvia: Aug 10
no only on hotmail
Sylvia: Aug 8
in nz
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