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For : Aadu Puli
On: 2011-06-05 19:41:25
Aadu Puli- a traditional game usually we play along with our family members or friends with the help of that drawing box along with the stones. Whereas the same has been neatly characterized by the new director with the help producer (drawing box) along with the star cast (stones) with a good story. First of all I thank the director for showing aadhi in a neat character. Because in his previous films from mirugam to ayyanar where he had a smoking scenes which was repeating in all the sides. Here in this aadhi looks very beautiful in a neat character. Talking about the story of the movie is really superb and the most important theme which I love in this movie i.e., which breaks the conceptual trust in the astrology i.,e when the hero & the heroine love- which comes in to light - for both the families members & finally the family decides to make marriage. But where as in some-where, in some stage, in some angle the hero faces some troubles, which was indirectly created by the heroine’s father and also he mis-guides the hero saying that ”all these are happening due to astrology”. Cont…
For : Ayyanar
On: 2011-06-04 21:31:08
Ayyanar- The story of this movie is really awesome. Because, It’s a true relationship between the brothers, how the elder one takes charges against the villain who has killed the hero’s younger brother. The new director has well characterized each and every scene of this movie. On the whole the movie has come out very good. One of the most important is aadhi has danced in this movie which looks good on the screen. There is one particular scene which I like i.e, when hero’s younger brother was killed and hero cries- say a dialogue “naa ammaketa enda solluve” that’s very –very touching and very close to heart. Nice story :).
For : Eeram
On: 2011-06-03 20:18:26
Eeram- every human has this till the end of their life. But, where as its quite different in this movie between the first hero (aadhi) & second hero (nanda). Because the first hero extremely loves the heroine. At one stage the hero himself loses his eeram which made the true lovers separately. In another stage even the second hero also loses his eeram finally he loses his wife. This movie was neatly characterized by the director. As per my perception, on the whole the movie states a beautiful message “think thousand times before doing any good or bad things and at the same time we should not turn back even if we get thousand difficulties”-eeram. Because at one stage the main issue breaks the relationship between the hero & heroine i.e, hero’s ambition- for that the hero & the heroine also they loses their eeram. So finally at the end the first hero’s life is alone & the second hero’s life ends in cell- without eeram.
For : Vaishali
On: 2011-05-27 08:17:12
All the best wishes to Aadhi, aadhi will be rocking in Telugu also. God bless you.
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