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Willow Smith

Release Date : 02 Jul 2008
I Am Legend ( English )
Release Date : 14 Dec 2007
Made In America ( English )
Release Date : 28 May 1993

Willow Smith - User Comments

  • sharntay 5 months ago

    willow smith you are so amazing I admire you for who u are one day I just wanna be just like you everyone says I look like you, you are my biggest fan. from the day you came out. I have learnt all your lyrics I wish I could meet you some day willow!. my name Is sharntay I live in Birmingham I no that's far away I will never stop loving your tunes and what you do, because what you do is awesome oh and by the way I love your hair.

  • lizzy 3 years ago

    Hello Lizzy I am so sorry i missed your birthday. How old are you, and what did you get for your birthday. maybe we should text each other because i really miss talking to you my bff. happy birthday lizzy and i wish you many more

  • lizzy 3 years ago

    Lizzy whats going on. I wish I could make sandwiches like you. Are you sure you want to be a hot dog lady? I want to be a lawyer when I grow up. Are yall playing scrabble tonight? if your uncle cheat I will text him and tell him that he is acting too bad BFF Willow.

  • lizzy 3 years ago

    Lizzy i am still in bed, my mom said i could sleep until 12:00 are you awake? I will be 11 on my birthday. Did yall play scrabble last night? Text me later BFF Willow.

  • lizzy 3 years ago

    Hello Lizzy how was was new school today. do you think you will like it? we ran out of sugar pops so i had to eat those stupid grits again. what did you have? tell your uncle not to cheat when yall play the game tonight. what kind of clothes will you be wearing to school. Text me later BFF Willow.

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