Sushant Singh

Sushant Singh ( सुशाँत सिंह ) is an Indian actor. He hails from Bijnor District in Uttar Pradesh and is Jat by birth. He did his schooling from a... Complete: Sushant Singh Biography
Release Year : 2014
Release Date : May 2015
Shout ( Hindi )
Release Date : May 2015
Kindle ( Hindi )
Release Year : 2014
Four Two Ka One ( Hindi )
Release Date : 10 May 2013

Sushant Singh - User Comments

  • priyanka-singh 3 years ago

    hi sushant ji, I am big fan of yours. I want to see you more in telivision. I know you are currently working in gulal.I watched gulal that becoze for you, you have done fantastic role in all your movies, I don't know how many times i wached your movie (16 DECEMBER)you are such a natural actor in hindi film industry.you looked so good in (dhadkan) serial in sony .I am waiting to see your film.I want to work in both cinema and T.V.

  • ajit 3 years ago

    hiishusant how are u ur ic is very nice i am ajit which film ur cvooming i know ur serial is very good its a thiriller drama

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