Sudhir Kumar

Release Year : 2014
Nanhe Jaisalmer ( Hindi )
Release Date : 14 Sep 2007
Release Date : 12 May 2006

Sudhir Kumar - User Comments

  • Kapila a month ago

    Hi All, Im from Sri Lanka, I have also seen film Dosti many times. Sushil and Sudhir are performing nicely. I have also searched many times for their current details but 10 persons say 10 different things. you all can get help from your grand parents

  • lalit-vaya 6 months ago

    i can not believe this. as children we just cried and cried in this film. i still remember both of them. may god give them long life

  • sharmila-belani-zutshi 8 months ago

    dont know about sudhir kumar. But the other actor of film 'Dosti' , sushil kumar, is very much alive. He lives in chamber, mumbai, India.

  • naresh 11 months ago

    I think SUDHIR KUMAR is also in SANT GYANESHWAR. I hadn't seen that movie. Please search yourself.

  • ashmita a year ago

    so sweet of u...... it was nice to read ur information abt these two legends........ hope u r true...

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