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Sudeep is an Indian actor, Director,Producer & singer. He was Born on September 2, 1973 in Shimoga, Karnataka. Sudeep's father Sanjeev is a hotelier turned Film producer.... Complete: Sudeep Biography
Release Year : 2014
Release Date : 25 Apr 2014
Release Date : 25 Apr 2014
Baahubali ( Telugu )
Release Date : 14 Jan 2015
Lava ( Kannada )
Release Date : 15 Dec 2015
Bachchan 2 ( Kannada )
Release Date : Jan 2015

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  • naveen s m and anil kumar 4weeks ago

    Hai sudeep sir i am your bigg bigg fan so fast neev 2ed time namm kannada karntakakke ccl cup thandu kottidira so verry verry good and great captun in karnataka buldozer so thank you so much deepu sir nex nimm movigoskara karnataka nimma fance kaithidare so bega nimm movi kodtira anno barvase so ppppppllllllzzzzzzzz @naveen@

  • pavan 2 months ago

    hii sudeep anna im big big big fan of u quickly release manikya film we r waiting all the best

  • sushma 2 months ago

    Hi kiccha congratulation again u won the ccl cup second time your a great captain for karnataka bulldozers keep winning the cup for next time also all the best for your next movies and we are waiting for your movies your good hearted human being compared to others like you so much

  • Hollywood 2 months ago

    r u really from Bangalore u do not know how many kannadigas are there and say that the people who came to protest for dubbing are not enough first you think and speak da the protest is for your family not for people u r not fit to be in karnataka loffar nan maga.

  • kumudha 3 months ago

    hi my name is kumudha i see all you film i enjoy most in banch can you chat one time with me in gmail my email is kumudha.deepak@gmail.com phone no is 9663821291

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Sudeep Comments

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