Agni - The Fire ( Hindi )
Release Year : 2013
Rajanna ( Telugu )
Release Date : 22 Dec 2011
U R My Jaan ( Hindi )
Release Date : 23 Sep 2011

Sanjeev - User Comments

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Sanjeev Comments

  • jazzlyn 4 years ago

    SANJEEV!!!ure so damn freeking hot..i'll never easily fall into guyz but u seriously attracted me....u really rocked in Kulir 100 Degree...I LUV U DA!!

  • rita 5 years ago

    hi sanjeev.. hope u will be reading this.. i really like ur acting and your style.. you look damn hot and attractive.. i have never been a fan to anyone.. first time in life... a fan of urs...

  • anjila 5 years ago

    hi...sanjeev.. u r so handsome n i like u very much

  • rina 5 years ago

    hiii...sanjeev..hw r u?i'm ur fan...ur movie was good n u dancin very well..all d best for d next movie..!

  • dashini 5 years ago

    i sanjeey......ur r realy handsome,i like u n i also ur fan

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